By Chance Caviary


Please take the time to review Our Practices & Policies below


Our animals are handled and interacted with daily. They receive environmental stimuli such as playthings, edible mats/huts, various chew toys, hidey houses, tunnels, etc. Their enclosures are spacious and species appropriate. They are cleaned as needed and we use comfortable absorbent substrate. Diets are various and species specific. We use Revolution every 6-8 weeks as a parasite preventative.


Guinea Pigs & Bunnies receive a combination of various diverse and quality pellets, feed, hay, herbs, supplements and fresh daily fruits/vegetables. Some brands we use include Oxbow, Kaytee, Higgins, Blue Seal and many others. Our Hedgehogs receive various brands of quality cat food such as Taste Of The Wild, 4 Health, Blue Wilderness, Purina Naturals mixed with dried assorted insects such as crickets/mealworms. They also receive various other treats such as scrambled egg, cottage cheese, chicken, fruits/veggies, etc.


We use a variety of large, spacious enclosures and cages. Rabbits are housed primarily in the largest Living World model cages. Guineas use primarily C&C style cages. Hedgies are housed in XL totes. We have an assortment of other brands for birthing, weaning, etc such as Marchioro, Kaytee, etc. Our typically utilized cage model is that of a solid plastic base with and enclosed wire top.


All animals are housed on mostly wooden bedding either in shavings or pellet form. We also use fluffy paper based bedding such as Carefresh for nesting material and animals that may require softer substrate.


Many factors are considered when pricing our pocket pets. Some things considered are breed, color, markings, variety, age, rarity, supply & demand, bloodlines, expenses associated with producing a specific type- just to name a few! There are many variables to be considered with each and every baby produced. Guinea Pigs & Bunnies typically range from $75-$350 each. Hedgehogs range from $350-$500 each.


1.) We are a "CLOSED" Caviary. This means the public is not permitted to visit our animals in home. This can introduce potential deadly pathogens to our herd, disrupt nursing moms, etc and is the safest for the animals. Please note, you DO NOT get a feel for the pocket pet's personality by meeting it beforehand. The animal will likely be uncomfortable/anxious around a stranger and will not exhibit its true characteristics. There is an acclimation process and it may take a week or more to learn your new critter's personality. We will provide you with personality details pertaining to the pet of interest, as well as photographs and any other additional information. Once a pocket pet is chosen via the site, you may submit your application via our Online Adoption Application page. After approval, a deposit is secured and we schedule a pick up for your baby. 2.) To be placed on a wait list or reserve a specific animal, you must place an electronic holding deposit via PayPal, Venmo or Facebook Pay. Deposits range from $50-$100 depending upon animal. Deposits are NOT an additional fee; they are deducted off the animal's cost. All deposits/monies received are always non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you change your mind on a previously selected animal and/or wish to choose another, you forfeit the deposit for that animal and must place a new separate deposit for the newly selected animal. 3.) We offer financing WHILE the animal is with us (during it's first 8 weeks of life.) For instance, if you reserve a baby at 1 week of age, you are welcome to make payments over the next 7 weeks as long as the baby is paid in full and picked up by 8 weeks of age (10 weeks in some rabbit breeds.) Any animal not picked up by 9 weeks of age will be offered for sale again and all payments will be forfeited. 4.) Animals leave us at 8-10 weeks of age depending upon species. They may be held beyond 8 weeks of age at a rate of $50 per animal per 30 days. This applies to our babies already with us; we do not offer outside boarding. 5.) Our animals are not simply "FOR SALE" to anyone desiring to purchase them. We screen homes via our Online Adoption Application. Please be well researched about the species for which you're applying.6.) All animals are sold on an "as-is" basis with no ongoing guarantee of any kind.  While we strive to breed ONLY animals sound in health, temperament and correctness, please realize there are a number of factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any pet after it leaves our care. Common small animal issues include various parasites (ie mites/lice/intestinal worms), diarrhea, URIs, skin/fungal infections (ie ringworm, hairloss, dry skin), abscesses, tumors, teeth issues, eye/ear/foot infections, etc. These annoyances can arise spontaneously, can come from a variety of sources and are examples of common potential health problems for which you should always be prepared whenever adopting a small animal. Fortunately most are minor and temporary. Please do your research on the animals in which you intend to acquire. Your acceptance of your pocket pet signifies you are satisfied with its condition at time of sale. Pre purchase veterinary exams are available, if desired, for an additional fee.7.) We are available to support you throughout the lifetime of your pocket pet via email at Due to our inquiry volume, we cannot offer phone support. While we generally get back to our adopters within 24 hours, work and life sometimes prevents this. If an urgent response is required, please contact your exotic Veterinarian.

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